Everstryke Pro vs Everstryke Match

Everstryke Pro vs Everstryke Match

The original Everstryke Permanent Match and the new Everstryke Pro Lighter (a.k.a. Lifestrike Pro or Life Strike Lighter) from Survival Life  and the Family Protection Association are two of the best fire starter tools for both survival and emergency situations, and both are free (for a limited time).

Both equally awesome in their own ways, these Everstryke permanent matches are compact waterproof survival fire starters designed for anyone and everyone who wants to quickly and easily harness Mother Nature’s most powerful survival tool – fire!

However, even though they both have “perma-match” in their official names only one of them is truly a waterproof permanent match lighter (with a built in ferro rod as a back up), and the other is more like a waterproof survival lighter.

So, in this article I’m going to tell you what the main differences are between the Everstryke Perma Match and The Everstryke Pro Perma Match. I’m also going to give you a  list the benefits that each has to offer and how to use both of them.

Plus, I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on the original Everstryke Permanent Match and the Everstyke Pro or Life Strike Lighter for free (good while supplies last).

If you screw the cap off the Everstryke Pro, you will find the wick and striker wheel, leaving you only a spark away from starting a fire. This makes the Everstryke Pro/Lifestrike Pro a great, quick, and easy tool for survival that belongs in every survivalist’s bug out bag

Source – everstrykematch.com

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