10 Things You Should Never Do – Survival and Prepping

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Prepping involves so much more then stocking food and ammo. Skills and mindset as well as the ability to put your energy into the right place. Prepare to survive…

Don’t Rely On Survival Manuals

The reality is you are not going to learn survival skills on the fly. Motor skills are something that need to be honed after hundreds of trial and error runs in the best of conditions. People train in optimal conditions with increasing technical difficulty, so that they can preform various tasks in less optimal conditions. learning skills like how to make a friction fire with a bow drill.

Even when you have a full stomach, a clear head your well rested. These things are very challenging to learn. It’s going to be ten times harder to learn in a crisis situation. This is not to say it’s impossible to follow the instructions of a well defined survival manual within one of these crisis scenarios. But your likely not going to have the energy and the mental resilience to do so. You want to have those motor skills fine tuned beforehand. Leave nothing to chance and practice all of your survival skills… practice makes perfect.

Be Practical

Some people are prepared for the apocalypse yet their not prepared to change a tire on their car should they get a flat. The 95/5 principal – this principal reflects the tendency of some preppers and survivalists to put 95% of the focus into things that are only 5% likely to happen. For example a well rounded prepper would have a contingency plan for something like an electromagnetic pulse but they may not have a first aid kit in their car or glass breaking tool or a fire extinguisher things which are things you are far more likely to need. Don’t let prepping for the big stuff overshadow prepping for the small stuff.

Your In Capable Of Carrying Your Bug out Bag

The the truth is unfortunately most preppers are not going to be able to carry their backpack for prolonged periods of time. Many preppers and survivalists have very adequate and well thought out fully stocked bug out bags. But very few have the physical fitness necessary to transport this gear in sub optimal conditions. The tragic reality is in the importance of physical fitness is often overlooked and as such most people are not going to be able to transport the 35 plus pound bug out bag on perfectly flat pave roads with no impediments… never mind conditions that would simulate a crisis situation.

Things like varied terrain, climbing over debris and rubble climbing over slashing through forests perhaps you might have an injury the whole adrenaline rush of the situation the anxiety of the situation. Your gonna be hungry, dehydrated, fatigued. It’s gonna be hot, rainy, bugy. If you can’t hike your bug out bag for a mile in perfect conditions laid out by the urban landscape. then thinking you’re gonna be able to do it on the multidimensional landscape of a SHTF scenario is downright delusional.

Regular endurance and strength training is absolutely necessary for preparedness. The truth of the matter is that the average person needs a lot more than they can carry comfortably even for a week. Never mind periods of time that are longer than that. The more you can carry the more capable you’re going to be when you get there.

Mini Survival Kit Delusions

Carrying an ultralight minimalist bug out bag is not going to work for the majority of the population. The reality your gonna want as much food and water as you can carrying one of these situations. And how much you can carry is gonna depend on how fit you are. A lot of these miniaturized survival kits being marketed can only be effectively utilized by people with experience utilizing the tools within them. Good luck snaring an animal with the Brass wire in your miniaturized survival kit if you’ve never done it before.

These micro survival kits can be highly empowering to those with the skills to use them. And indeed even if you don’t have experience it’s arguably better than nothing. But many people will be in for a reality check if they ever have to use one of these kits use because they’re not gonna know how to use the tools within. This is why more gear if you’re able to carry it is always a good thing. While knowledge may weigh nothing good gear is a force multiplier for that knowledge, and can mean the difference between just barely surviving and thriving.


The reality is you’re not to be the only one scavenging for resources. Visions of loan survivors traversing a barren post apocalyptic waist land is a common misconception for preppers. The truth of the matter is if you are forced to bug out. Then your likely not going to be the only one. You’ll have the company of droves of refugees who are fleeing the same thing that you you’re fleeing. And all of you will be devouring resources along the way like a swarm of locusts through a farmers field. There will be competition for resources and thus there will be conflict. This is why if he you are thrust into one of these exodus scenarios you need to be thinking two steps ahead.

I’ll Adapt To The Environment

The truth is most people in the developed world are simply not built for the wilderness. The majority of people never leave the comfort of their home to travel the world in a hotel never mind a travelers hostile. Fewer still will go camping at a roadside attraction with the motor home or trailer and even fewer people will partake in what’s now known as rustic camping AKA tent camping. And almost nobody with the exception of the minuscule fraction of the population that are bush rafters are ever going to spend a night in a shelter made it’s only natural materials.

You may be one of those who harbors a delusion that you’re gonna be able to rise to the challenge and whether the elements of nature when you are forced to, and the reality is your domesticated body is simply not built for the stress of the natural world. While you may in the off chance to be able to prolong your life long enough to be rescued, the lifestyle that most people who have no conditioning to the elements is gonna be one of hardship and abject destitution. The best advice is that you routinely challenge yourself get out of your comfort zone so when this involuntarily happens to you, you’re not going to be in foreign territory and you’re going to be able to adapt much faster.

I’m Never Coming Home

The reality is you will not survive in the wilderness indefinitely and most people won’t even survive her short period of time. Even the most seasoned survivalists can barely last few months in the wilderness before getting rescued never mind surviving there indefinitely. The reality is there is no escaping civilization. Humans need each other in order to survive, along with this comes the myth of total self reliance. In order to establish a homestead. Initially you need the tools of civilization to build and thereafter maintain it.The best you can ever hope for is a limiting interaction with your hominid counterparts. Post collapse isolationism is a myth. You need other people and their special skill sets in order to thrive.

I’ll Survive 5 Weeks Without Food

while it’s true that the human body can go six weeks without food after but 10 days without food the lethargy, fatigue and diminished brain function that you’ll be afflicted with turn you into an immobilized zombie who is incapable procuring food. So even though technically you will not starve to your end for about six weeks.

Depending on your starting body weight it’s likely that after week are two without some external help especially having someone aid you in the refeeding process which is not as simple as just stuffing your face your not going to make it. So don’t bank on not being able to eat or five weeks at a time.

I’ll Survive 7 Days Without Water

Most people are not going to last even a couple days without water and still be mentally sound. Just like in the case of food body is going to become largely incapacitated long before its deceased. While the body may technically last several days without water, after just a couple days in mild conditions most people aren’t gonna be able to move without cramping up.

Remember that your brain is ¾ water and without it you are not going to be able to think properly. Your gonna have cognitive impairment your going to be temperamental your going to make mistakes. You’re losing to 2 to 3 liters of water per day in the best of conditions on basic bodily processes. Just like in a case of food you will lose the physiological wherewithal in order to procure water long before you die of dehydration.

All I Need Is Ammo

Reality is combat is so multidimensional to think you’re going to survive it without any combat experience is foolish. The best thing you can do in most cases is try to avoid a fight at all costs. All it takes is but one around to lay to rest your running gun fantasy’s.

Even the most seasoned veterans of the sport can be caught off guard in the first skirmish never mind having to battle over and over again which could be a reality in a situation where the justice system was not functioning. Getting that formal training now can help you hardwire the motor skills that are gonna be required for you to come out of one of these situations without sustaining casualties.

It Will Be Anarchy

The reality is there are going to be consequences for your actions after SHTF. The absence of rule of law in fact may have the unexpected effect of making things even more difficult for criminals. When the populace, local governments, communities are for administered in real time, swiftly and disproportionately. These punishments are going to be mush harsher than those upheld by the current justices. And just remember that everybody you cross has family members and friends an the last thing you want to do in a crisis is to make enemies in lawless environment.

Post collapsed anarchy would not be a free for all. Justice is bound to be enforced in some way or another even if it’s only on a street by street basis of communities policing themselves. The families of your enemies are going to seek retribution. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Avoid these entanglements at all costs and if you’re on the other end of having to discipline these deviants do so diligently and to the best of your capabilities try to make the punishment fit the crime.

SOURCE: The Canadian Prepper

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